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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prepare For The First Suboxone Detox Visit?

It is very important to arrive for your first visit already experiencing mild to moderate opioid withdrawal symptoms. If you are in withdrawal, Suboxone) will help lessen the symptoms. However, if you are not in withdrawal, suboxone will “override” the opioids already in your system, which will cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

The following guidelines are provided to ensure that you are in withdrawal for the visit. (If this concerns you, it may help to schedule your first visit.

To help ensure that SUBOXONE is the best treatment option for you, the doctor will perform a substance dependence assessment and mental status evaluation. In addition, you and your physician will discuss SUBOXONE treatment, what it involves, and what your expectations of treatment are.

After this initial intake, your doctor may prescribe a few doses of Suboxone, which may be picked up at a pharmacy close to the office and brought back with you to the office. The medication will be taken under physician supervision and monitoring on that first day. You will be instructed on how to take the medication at home starting the next day. When you are feeling better, you can go home with instructions on how to contact the doctor if necessary. Your recheck will be scheduled before you leave the office.

You may not want to return to work or school after your visit—this is very normal, so please plan accordingly.

Because SUBOXONE can cause drowsiness and slow reaction times, particularly during the first few weeks of treatment, driving yourself home after the first visit is generally not recommended, so you may want to make arrangements for a ride home

What is the youngest age group you can treat?

We can treat adolescents over 16 with parental permission and have considerable experience working with teen and college age patients along with their parents.

Do I see the doctor and therapist at the same location? What about optional group sessions?

All medical, individual and group therapy sessions are conveniently located at our
Alpharetta facility.

What about AA, NA and similar groups?

Your therapist will make recommendations depending on your individual situation. Ultimately, you decide if these groups are right for you.

Do you treat other medical conditions along with substance abuse, dependence or addiction?

Our physician may prescribe antidepressants or other medication to address obvious psychiatric conditions that may prevent or hinder recovery. If coexisting psychiatric issues are complex or severe, a referral for psychiatric consultation may be made. Northwest Behavioral Medicine psychiatrists are available as necessary for consultation purposes.

How confidential is treatment at your facility?

Our staff is well-trained to ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality for each patient. Medical records are handled according to strict HIPAA privacy protocols.

We are happy to see selected patients from out of town who can make the time commitment for adequate initial stabilization as well as for follow-up visits in our clinic. Patients will sometimes come to Atlanta for medical treatment only and obtain counseling services in their home community.

Do you provide counseling and/or group therapy?

Our office can refer to qualified outside therapists for individual/group sessions. We also refer to more intensive programs such as IOP's (Intensive Outpatient Programs), especially for adolescents and young adults. WellStep Atlanta provides supplemental counseling in our office as needed.