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Important Announcement

Permanent Office Closure on August 21, 2020

Due to an emergent decline in his parents' health, it will be necessary for Dr. Banov to close our practice on August 21 2020. If you are a current patient, it is essential for you to identify and follow up with another qualified medical provider as soon as possible. You may have to make many calls to locate a provider. Some providers may be able to see you immediately but others may have new appointment delays or a waiting list. We suggest you start your search for a new provider right away. You may even want to have a back-up appointment with a second provider, just in case. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you in this process except to give you the information at the end of this announcement. It is fully your responsibility to find a qualified new provider well before you run out of medication.

Unless you have been personally informed of an earlier closure date, in which case the earlier date applies, you will no longer be under our care after August 21, 2020.

If you are due for a medical office visit, please call our office as soon as possible so that we can schedule a final telemed visit for you. We ask that you please be patient and understanding of our outsourced scheduling staff. Despite expending major efforts to identify qualified temporary medical staff to work in-office, our staffing resources have not been able to meet our needs for in-office staffing.

With a 7 business day notice, we will be able to fax or mail out essential/summary medical record information to your new physician upon receiving a mailed or faxed request by our new provider. Unfortunately, telephone requests for records cannot be accepted and phone calls of this nature cannot be returned. (Within a few months after the office closes, after we have time to complete transcription and chart duplication, we will notify you by mail when your full medical record file is available. )

Your new provider should fax the request for your essential/summary medical records, with your signature, to 770-753-9077 or mail the request to WellStep, 902 Bombay Lane, Roswell Georgia 30076. Again, telephone requests cannot be accepted and phone calls of this nature cannot be returned.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend or refer you to another provider since appointment availability and costs are always changing. It would be preferable to continue your care with an experienced Board Certified Addiction Medicine specialist, but it is most important, above, all, to find a qualified provider who can see you well before you would need a medication refill or medication adjustment.

If you are in need of a physician qualified to prescribe buprenorphine, please visit the Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator sponsored by SAMHSA at You will also find resources for other addiction issues, including alcoholism, on that site.

Local addiction treatment facilities which may be able to provide you outpatient behavioral or addiction provider referrals include:

Peachford Hospital 770-455-3200

Ridgeview Institute 844-350-8800